Easter in Santorini


The Easter season in Santorini is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year and the Holy Week is an unforgettable experience for everyone.

The caldera is filled with daisies, flowering herbs and spring aromas are everywhere. The locals fasting, attending the church services while women decorate their houses and make all the traditional delicacies. On Maundy Thursday, housewives make the Easter brioche (tsoureki), melitinia cookies and dye eggs red as it symbolizes the blood of Christ.

Good Friday is the day of Epitaph, mourning and strict fasting. Under a solemn atmosphere, a procession starts from each church carrying the Epitaph, people singing a religious lament hymn, holding candles. At the mountain-top village of Pyrgos is the most breathtaking of all. No less than 25.000 candles are lit on the rooftops and the cobblestone streets and make the village flickering in the darkness.

On  Saturday, the Holy Resurrection is celebrated with spectacular fireworks over the villages and bells ringing gloriously all around the island, while people walk back home with the holy candle light, to have the traditional Easter meat soup which marks the end of their fasting.

Early in the morning of Easter Sunday, preparations start in many households for the roast lamp and the festive lunch. At Perissa, the locals hang an effigy of Judas and shoot at it until in burns, while at Pyrgos the ‘trial of Judas’ takes place, after which his effigy is burnt.  We and our guests are happy to experience memorable and touching moments of spiritual serenity and reverence in Santorini.

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Best beaches in Santorini

Best beaches in Santorini

Who has ever visited Santorini Island and not fallen in love with it? Watching the view from its caldera, you can see cliffs gazing at the blue sea and the sky hugging the beautiful landscape harmonically. Santorini is an attraction by itself Continue reading

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Wedding in Andronis…

All Greek islands hold a special beauty, but Santorini’s magic feeling is one of the most unusual in the Cyclades. Exquisite natural scenes, huge cliffs, a sleeping volcano, local wines and breathtaking views of caldera all constitute the ideal place for a dreamy holiday.

Santorini is considered the number one destination for weddings. This island offers majestic views from any spot, a golden sunset and a mystic sleeping volcano, which brings out the romance in every person.

This magnificent and stunning scenery is home to  a large choice of venues, another reason why Santorini has become a favourite wedding & honeymoon destination. Experience your dream Santorini wedding on the most photographed island of the Mediterranean. Follow your heart at Santorini and make your honeymoon dream come true in Santorini.

Here, your wedding will be remembered in the natural and mysterious beauty of Santorini, your guests watching the magnificent sunset, the purple and white colours of the houses creating  a unique setting for the perfect wedding ceremony.

Oia and Fira are the most popular places for couples who choose to have their wedding ceremony in Santorini. Oia is first on the list, as it is more romantic and definitely quieter than Fira. Marriages in these places are always impressive as they are surrounded by majestic cliffs.

It is certain that you want the ceremony to be absolutely perfect and everything well-designed for your guests. Andronis Exclusive is prized as the most Romantic Hotel in Europe and 7th in the world. There, they can organise the entire event and will ensure you have a unique experience. Andronis Exclusive Santorini’s luxury boutique hotels caters to every couple and ensures every detail is perfect leaving you to enjoy your dreamy wedding.

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Romance is everywhere…

You may not feel it every single moment of the day, but romance is always around to remind you of something from your past; innocence and happiness, laughter and tears, mostly good moments that you will always remember.

Today’s world is a continuous routine, which together with the hectic pace of life has transformed people to an insensitive crowd. On the other hand, feelings dominate on everybody’s souls, who is wondering why people have became so cold to each other? This can absolutely change if you start to believe in romance and let yourself express your real feelings without any hesitations or fear.

People have to change the way they see things. Here, in Andronis Exclusive we see romance everywhere; in our everyday life and all around us every single moment of the day; we feel it in the air; we can see it on happy faces while they’re soaking up that all important sun or admiring the stunning caldera’s view. Romance prevails not only in the sight of happy newlywed couples, but also among people who enjoy every moment like there’s no tomorrow. Feelings of happiness and joy are mirrored in people’s eyes.

Romance can be expressed in little and everyday things; is so simple and can be expressed with a smile, a well-promising glance, a flower, a hug or just an affectionate touch. Our thoughts are usually too complicated and people keep thinking about fancy things in order to impress their significant other.

The difficult part of romance is how to show it simply and spontaneously. Introducing romance in your daily life will offer more strength; positive thinking and a new perspective of life.

Andronis Exclusive envisages a world with more romance that will help couples enjoy every moment and look at things in a positive way. Feast your eyes on the breath-taking night views of Santorini’s caldera that will make you fall in love with the …moment, and leave the island with these feelings that are sure to keep your heart warm all year long.

Express your own kind of romance..

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Santorin’s Colors

 On the unique island of Santorini, and especially in Oia, colours abound. Walking on the small paths, your eye may catch a particularly astonishing colour whether on the steps in narrow picturesque paths or in the blue colour of the sea beneath.

The colourful flowers in the traditional pots and the white and blue picturesque houses built next to other exude a feeling of being somewhere dreamy and exotic. The blue sky alongside touches of red in the clouds with pink finishes tickles your senses further. As the sun sets, the island enters a magical place full of colours with spectacular views in every spot you stand.

Nature living in harmony with mankind makes for a landscape combination full of intense light, much like an oil painting. Taking a walk around those beautiful paths you can smell the scents, feel the light wind and the sunlight touching your face and take in the breathtaking views in every glade. Here you will continually question the mysteries and admire the unique beauty of the island.

This pink-coloured atmosphere ends at the memorising sunset, where the last red and purple sun rays touch the blue sea, making an unforgettable view for you and your partner to enjoy.

The dream is to be continued by watching the view of caldera at night. Enjoying a glass of red wine like Santorin’s vinsanto, whether under the stars, on the multi-stepped balconies or beside the picturesque volcano, transfer the dream into another era. The lights mirror the dark waters reminding you that holidays here are the most romantic of all.

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2012 Winter greetings

Thank you to all our customers for your kind words and our staff for making this season a truly memorable one! We are now closed for winter, but stay tuned for our updates.

See you in April.. In the meantime enjoy a look back over the season!

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Gin Basil Smash served at your sun bed with an esquite view overlooking the cadera.


2oz Hendricks Gin
A large handful of fresh basil leaves
1/2 lemon squeezed
1/2 lemon whole
1oz sugar syrup


Add a large handful of fresh basil leaves and 1/2 whole lemon and muddle well, then add the remaining ingredients and shake.
Strain into a chilled short cocktail glass with ice and garnish with a basil leaf.

The Gin Basil Smash was created in the summer of 2008 by Jorg Meyer from Le Lion in Hamburg, Germany and quickly spread to other German bars, and eventually won Best New Cocktail at the 2008 Tales of the Cocktails Spirits Awards. The drink was inspired by the Whiskey smashes that Jorg Meyer would occasionally drink whilst in New York.

At Andronis Exclusive we believe in using the best quality products to produce wonderful and refreshing cocktails for the summer season. This is the first year the Gin Basil Smash features on our cocktail list but we are sure this will become a success for our guests. With the simplicity and ingenious use of the fresh flavours it is obvious to see why this cocktail is special enough to feature on the Andornis Exclusive Cocktail Menu.

Can you imagine anywhere else you would prefer to come and relax and indulge in freshly made quality cocktails by fully trained bar tenders, served at your sun bed with an esquite view overlooking the cadera.


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Our old canava just one day before it’s metamorphosis to Andronis Boutique Hotel

Maria Alipranti found the best words to describe Christos Drazos photos of our old canava just one day before it’s metamorphosis to Andronis Boutique Hotel a 5 star luxury property located in the centre of Oia.

When Christos e-mailed me these photos of an old canava in Oia, Santorini that was about to be restored, I couldn’t help smiling.

All those spontaneous decorations, full of colors and messages, they bring an aura of distant days and ways that are over.  8 Track tapes, diaries, and advertising posters that fade from the sun, are the souvenirs of a time that promised fulfillment and joy. Yet, now they lay there like children’s toys, carefree in their innocence and ready to give their place to elegant grey, i pods and less is more decorations.

And I feel completely disoriented about it; I mean, I do love elegant grey, i pods and less is more. But finding the perfect neutral palette for my new floor doesn’t make me smile like these retro pluralistic images do…  Maybe because the oldcanava decorations express something familiar.  And it is worth to discover what this familiarity is about, because if we incorporate it to contemporary thinking, we could develop a stronger identity, in a visual, culinary, or personal level.

What do you think about this? How do these pictures make you feel?

A breathtaking Blog Post from aegeanpan.com. Thank you Maria!!

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Andronis Luxury Suites voted on Tripadvisor as the Most Romantic Hotel in Europe and 7th in the World

We are happy and extremely proud to announce that Andronis Luxury Suites has been voted for the second time in three years as the Most Romantic Hotel in Europe and 7th in the World.

“The Travellers’ Choice Romance lists were determined by the 60 million reviews and opinions on TripAdvisor, using an algorithm that measured highly rated hotels which were most commonly marked as ‘romantic’ by travelers in hotel review forms,” the travel site said in a statement.

Thank you to all our guests who have taken the time to review in trip advisor, without this support it would not possible to receive such a prestigious award!!


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Sunset in Santorini

Many writers, travelers and romantics have claimed that Santorini boasts some of the best sunsets in the world. Legend surrounds Santorini, and some say the island was part of Atlantis before its destruction millennia ago by the volcano in its midst. Today, as the sun sets, the island enters into a twilight zone that makes visitors wonder about its mysterious past and feel its powerful charisma.

The best views and most spectacular sunsets on the island can be seen at Oia, just a few minutes’ walk from the hotel. Watch as the sun sinks into the sea, a majestic site that adds an almost spiritual dimension to any sunset.

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