Roofs & Colors, a Picturesque Neighborhood

ArchitectureCollageGreece is famous for its architecture, some of it standing for thousands of years. These structures were built for both survival and decoration, but few people throughout history assumed their buildings would be considered ‘picturesque’ and ‘quaint’ to future generations. In the Cyclades, white-and-blue painted houses that dot the cliff sides are common, and Santorini is no exception. Continue reading

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Indulge your senses on a 5 Day Experience

5 day experience collage


Enjoy a warm welcome at the hotel with sparkling wine from Santorini and relax by the infinity pool overlooking the magnificent volcanic caldera of the island. Go for an easy walk through the winding streets of Oia to discover the immediate vicinity around the hotel and soak up the astounding natural views of the landscape. In the evening take pleasure in a superb wine-tasting session and treat yourself to an Organic Mediterranean dinner or Nouvelle Greek Cuisine at one of the Andronis restaurants.


Set out for a full wine tour of Santorini’s impressive vineyards, accompanied by a wine connoisseur who will expose the best cuvees and prize-winning varieties of wine on the island. After a relaxing break at by the pool or a cocktail at the Alta Mare Café, join the entertaining Greek cooking lessons on the premises, offered by one of Greece’s most talented and engaging chefs. Finish off the meal with one of Andronis’ prized desserts for a delightful finale.


Take a tour of Santorini’s rich history by visiting the Archaeological Museum of Fira, accompanied by a certified guide who will unveil the many mysteries of this ancient island and its successive civilizations over several millennia. Walk through the alleyways of Fira with its fine boutiques and shopping choices, then relax in a café by the cliffs of the town with an alternative view of the caldera. Later in the evening sample the best of Mediterranean cuisine at one of Fira’s finest Greek restaurants and revel in the real island atmosphere.


Start your day with a three-hour leisurely nature hike over the volcanic landscape through the hills and paths of Santorini, making your way from picturesque Oia through Firostefani, Imerovigli and on to Fira. For a special experience dinner drive or hike down the winding cobblestone steps to the little port of Ammoudi near Oia for an excellent seafood meal, complete with local wine or ouzo.


Explore Oia’s cultural side with visits to the Nautical Museum, traditional weaving mill, original bookshops and fascinating art galleries, as well as the authentic windmill by the town’s original bakery. Take a semi-private or exclusive sunset cruise around the most interesting parts of the island and enjoy a sumptuous barbecue meal aboard, watching the sun dip into the Aegean Sea.





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Andronis Exclusive Rejuvenation

andronis exclusive spa treatment in oia #oia #spa #luxurysuites #andronis #volcano #boutiquehotel

Inspired from the power of Greek nature and the effectiveness of natural organic treatments we promise you wellbeing to body and soul in order to achieve the total beauty of the human psyche. Our aim is to rejuvenate and stimulate the five senses in a place of tranquility and relaxation.  You may give yourself  some minutes or a holistic full spa treatment. The following is just a glimpse of Andronis Exclusive private Spa Suite.

Mare Sanus A relaxing full body massage with an Aromatic amber essential-oil to relax the senses and eliminate the muscular tension, while ensuring the beauty of your skin.

Metamorphosis spa The unique and legendary minerals of the Dead Sea Mud, with its relaxing and purifying benefits, will expel the impurities and toxins of the body, leaving it nourished, revived and toned.

Black Pearl Miracle The pearl polish combined with sea algae minerals from the black sea, provides an instant glow to the skin and makes you look fair and radiant. It counters problems related to cellular skin damage, helps in instant removal and rejuvenates dull, tired & sluggish skin to bring an instant glow to the face.

Dead Sea Miracle This facial uses a rich Dead Sea black mud mask, which exerts a tightening effect on the skin and accelerates the metabolic activity. Its elements thoroughly cleanses and removes dead cells off the skin’s surface leaving the complexion nourished, purified and glowing.

Finger face lift From the first session your skin will radiant, your eyes will be ‘’animated’’ and your face will feel fresh and relaxed. Stress vanishes, both from face and body. During the treatment your tone skin will improve, deep expression lines will be softened and light wrinkles will vanish. The Rejuvance facial massage integrates a gentle, but effective “touch’’ that stimulates and refreshes the face, while at the same time places the whole body into a state of complete relaxation and a feeling of euphoria.

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A Blast From The Past … More To Come

While spending some time reviewing the year of 2013,  few moments  cached our attention.

A blast from the past, season 2013,

Some may be jealous of their clothes, their fame, and their money, but some are just jealous for their epic family vacations in Greece last summer. After their tour in Mykonos, the Kardashian-Jenner family headed to our drop-dead gorgeous island. They have booked our suites for their whole stay and they also enjoyed a dinner on our gourmet restaurant on their first day. Their social media profiles are full of pictures. Let us remind you some…

“Keeping up with the Kardashians Season 8 Episode 10″


Red bull Art Of Motion,

One of the most romantic hotels on earth usually filled with honeymooners or celebrities, amongst all David Yates, Kim Kardashian, Barry Bonds & Freddie Ljungberg, was turned into playground for the worlds’ best free running athletes of “ Red bull Art Of Motion” photo-shoot. Enjoy some pictures from © Predrag Vuckovic .


Andronis Organic Products,

Andronis Miltiadis is a huge lover of nutrition, healthy lifestyle and gourmet food. Having an extensive experience in Hospitality business as traveler and hotelier, he decided to open a new channel of communication with his guests. Giving them the chance to meet and taste traditional products and delicacies such as aromatic oils, mixed herbs with sea salt, honey and alcoholic spirits, ouzo & tsipouro, produced by him. The store is located in Oia and will be ready shortly, to welcome you once again this summer.



It’s always gratifying to be recognized for our commitment to excellence. We are proud to be recognized with the following awards by trip Advisor 2013.

Certificate of Excellence
Travellers’ Choice – Luxury Hotels
Travellers’ Choice – Hotels for Romance
Travellers’ Choice – Small Hotels


Thank You All !



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Where the sun still shines…hop over…


Santorini is the most interesting island of Cyclades, a beautiful archipelago with sweeping landscapes and quaint towns. The giant “croissant” shape is the result of a series of at least four massive caldera-forming eruptions. The last and the most famous of these occurred between 1627 and 1600 BC.

The Cousteau family has warmhearted bonds with it. The island’s charming beauty is not limited to what can be seen from dry land. The underwater scenery is unique and marvelous to see and explore. No wondering why Jacques Yves-Cousteau had a deep love for Santorini. The island hosts popular dive sites which reveal spectacular scenery, stunning in color and form. Rich ambience, dark caves, reefs and steep walls leading to deep dark blue waters. Important to mention that caldera basin varies from 297m to 390m, the deepest worldwide.  At the dive sites around the volcano, visitors can see the lava formations and fine marine life such as lobsters, moray eels, and oysters hiding in the midst of lava rocks. The shallow waters are brimming with groupers, colorful sponges, snappers, barracuda and schools of small and large fish.  Some of the most interesting diving sites are Akrotiri reef, Aspronisi, Ammoudi reef & wreck, Christiana, Mavro vouno caves, Rolling Stones, Nea Kameni, Riva Santo and much more.

Hotel’s guest relation department may provide you with several information, for masters certified divers or beginners. If you like to explore the underwater world without scuba gear or learn how to dive, snorkeling is for you. Accompanied with an instructor or a Dive master guide, you may experience a snorkeling safari by boat around the island. Many things to do, just pick the day and the choice is yours!



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Autumn Reminiscence

You are smiling in your thoughts, when the beautiful brunette lady with the blue hat asks you to lift the back of your seat. Welcome to Santorini …

Autumn Reminiscence

The island in autumn becomes wild and is getting ready for its greatest enemy; the winter. Walking down the small whitewashed alleys, you’ll hear less good morning-wishes day by day, in the bakeries you’ ll find little enticing pastries, and at the same time, cute cats and dogs on the streets will be looking for the caress of a kind tourist.

This is exactly the moment when you can truly experience the island’s magic. Days get smaller but the colors are still here-intense and vivid. The volcano’s vibes make you feel its well hidden ecstasy. It screams and you are sitting on the rock while you are waiting to listen to that ‘click’ of the camera. You know that your photo will fascinate people around you. It is indeed a seductive landscape and your feelings can be reflected in just 2GB.

Days go on and the last light of the caldera gradually weakens. Now the windows are tightly shut and the place is patiently waiting for the sunny spring days to come. When tunes and sounds are swirling in your ears. When everything is alive …

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Volcano Paradise


Santorini is a group of volcanic Greek islands; it is the most well-known active volcanic islands group in the Mediterranean area. The Santorini archipelago is a half moon shape, nearly a full circle with the Kameni Islands in the middle.

The island group is known worldwide for its amazing volcanic caldera, or collapsed crater. Visitors have the opportunity to sail around and admire the multicolored layers of rock on the steep walls of the caldera, the white-washed houses and the blue domes on the cliff top. They leave unforgettable moments and experience the magic of photoshooting.

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Easter in Santorini


The Easter season in Santorini is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year and the Holy Week is an unforgettable experience for everyone.

The caldera is filled with daisies, flowering herbs and spring aromas are everywhere. The locals fasting, attending the church services while women decorate their houses and make all the traditional delicacies. On Maundy Thursday, housewives make the Easter brioche (tsoureki), melitinia cookies and dye eggs red as it symbolizes the blood of Christ.

Good Friday is the day of Epitaph, mourning and strict fasting. Under a solemn atmosphere, a procession starts from each church carrying the Epitaph, people singing a religious lament hymn, holding candles. At the mountain-top village of Pyrgos is the most breathtaking of all. No less than 25.000 candles are lit on the rooftops and the cobblestone streets and make the village flickering in the darkness.

On  Saturday, the Holy Resurrection is celebrated with spectacular fireworks over the villages and bells ringing gloriously all around the island, while people walk back home with the holy candle light, to have the traditional Easter meat soup which marks the end of their fasting.

Early in the morning of Easter Sunday, preparations start in many households for the roast lamp and the festive lunch. At Perissa, the locals hang an effigy of Judas and shoot at it until in burns, while at Pyrgos the ‘trial of Judas’ takes place, after which his effigy is burnt.  We and our guests are happy to experience memorable and touching moments of spiritual serenity and reverence in Santorini.

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Best beaches in Santorini

Best beaches in Santorini

Who has ever visited Santorini Island and not fallen in love with it? Watching the view from its caldera, you can see cliffs gazing at the blue sea and the sky hugging the beautiful landscape harmonically. Santorini is an attraction by itself Continue reading

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Wedding in Andronis…

All Greek islands hold a special beauty, but Santorini’s magic feeling is one of the most unusual in the Cyclades. Exquisite natural scenes, huge cliffs, a sleeping volcano, local wines and breathtaking views of caldera all constitute the ideal place for a dreamy holiday.

Santorini is considered the number one destination for weddings. This island offers majestic views from any spot, a golden sunset and a mystic sleeping volcano, which brings out the romance in every person.

This magnificent and stunning scenery is home to  a large choice of venues, another reason why Santorini has become a favourite wedding & honeymoon destination. Experience your dream Santorini wedding on the most photographed island of the Mediterranean. Follow your heart at Santorini and make your honeymoon dream come true in Santorini.

Here, your wedding will be remembered in the natural and mysterious beauty of Santorini, your guests watching the magnificent sunset, the purple and white colours of the houses creating  a unique setting for the perfect wedding ceremony.

Oia and Fira are the most popular places for couples who choose to have their wedding ceremony in Santorini. Oia is first on the list, as it is more romantic and definitely quieter than Fira. Marriages in these places are always impressive as they are surrounded by majestic cliffs.

It is certain that you want the ceremony to be absolutely perfect and everything well-designed for your guests. Andronis Exclusive is prized as the most Romantic Hotel in Europe and 7th in the world. There, they can organise the entire event and will ensure you have a unique experience. Andronis Exclusive Santorini’s luxury boutique hotels caters to every couple and ensures every detail is perfect leaving you to enjoy your dreamy wedding.

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