Best Day Tours in Santorini

One Day Tour in Santorini

One Day Tour in Santorini

The queen of the Aegean Island is filled with possibilities. Apart from that all amazing views over the vastness of the Aegean Sea and the rugged cliffs of Caldera, visitors can experience unique moments in Santorini.There are the lunar landscaped beaches, from secluded to more popular ones, and there is Oia’s Caldera from where lovebirds can enjoy utterly romantic sunsets, as well as the wealth of bars, restaurants and cafes serving drinks and meals with stunning views.
However, for those of you who’d like a bit more action and an insight on Santorini’s authentic nature, Andronis Boutique Hotel suggests a selection of days tours you can go on during your fantastic holiday on the island of Santorini.

Hot Springs – Take a day trip to the volcanic islets of Nea and Palea Kameni located in the centre of Caldera. These islets are some of the most popular attractions in Santorini accessible only by boat. Swim in the hot reddish water and feel the strange warmth in your body. You can also climb the volcano and take a closer look on the crater! Tours set off daily from Mesa Yialos, the old port of Fira.

Tip: Do not forget to wear light cloths and comfortable shoes, such as trainers, along with a big bottle of water as during summer the sun is extremely hot. Your sun-glasses and sunblock are also a must.

Wine tours – This one goes for visitors having a passion for wine! Thanks to its long tradition in wine-making, Santorini features many traditional and more modern vineyards producing the world famous Vinsanto! So, opt for a wine tour in any of the island’s wineries and spend your day discovering the wine making procedures or tasting some exceptional wine!

Donkey riding – Donkeys in Santorini are part of the island’s charm and local culture. These cute animals have been serving the locals for years, transferring the tourists up and down the steep steps of Santorini, from the port to the top of Fira. Give it a go if you seek an off-the-beaten-track experience!

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