Andronis Exclusive Rejuvenation

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Inspired from the power of Greek nature and the effectiveness of natural organic treatments we promise you wellbeing to body and soul in order to achieve the total beauty of the human psyche. Our aim is to rejuvenate and stimulate the five senses in a place of tranquility and relaxation.  You may give yourself  some minutes or a holistic full spa treatment. The following is just a glimpse of Andronis Exclusive private Spa Suite.

Mare Sanus A relaxing full body massage with an Aromatic amber essential-oil to relax the senses and eliminate the muscular tension, while ensuring the beauty of your skin.

Metamorphosis spa The unique and legendary minerals of the Dead Sea Mud, with its relaxing and purifying benefits, will expel the impurities and toxins of the body, leaving it nourished, revived and toned.

Black Pearl Miracle The pearl polish combined with sea algae minerals from the black sea, provides an instant glow to the skin and makes you look fair and radiant. It counters problems related to cellular skin damage, helps in instant removal and rejuvenates dull, tired & sluggish skin to bring an instant glow to the face.

Dead Sea Miracle This facial uses a rich Dead Sea black mud mask, which exerts a tightening effect on the skin and accelerates the metabolic activity. Its elements thoroughly cleanses and removes dead cells off the skin’s surface leaving the complexion nourished, purified and glowing.

Finger face lift From the first session your skin will radiant, your eyes will be ‘’animated’’ and your face will feel fresh and relaxed. Stress vanishes, both from face and body. During the treatment your tone skin will improve, deep expression lines will be softened and light wrinkles will vanish. The Rejuvance facial massage integrates a gentle, but effective “touch’’ that stimulates and refreshes the face, while at the same time places the whole body into a state of complete relaxation and a feeling of euphoria.

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