Where the sun still shines…hop over…


Santorini is the most interesting island of Cyclades, a beautiful archipelago with sweeping landscapes and quaint towns. The giant “croissant” shape is the result of a series of at least four massive caldera-forming eruptions. The last and the most famous of these occurred between 1627 and 1600 BC.

The Cousteau family has warmhearted bonds with it. The island’s charming beauty is not limited to what can be seen from dry land. The underwater scenery is unique and marvelous to see and explore. No wondering why Jacques Yves-Cousteau had a deep love for Santorini. The island hosts popular dive sites which reveal spectacular scenery, stunning in color and form. Rich ambience, dark caves, reefs and steep walls leading to deep dark blue waters. Important to mention that caldera basin varies from 297m to 390m, the deepest worldwide.  At the dive sites around the volcano, visitors can see the lava formations and fine marine life such as lobsters, moray eels, and oysters hiding in the midst of lava rocks. The shallow waters are brimming with groupers, colorful sponges, snappers, barracuda and schools of small and large fish.  Some of the most interesting diving sites are Akrotiri reef, Aspronisi, Ammoudi reef & wreck, Christiana, Mavro vouno caves, Rolling Stones, Nea Kameni, Riva Santo and much more.

Hotel’s guest relation department may provide you with several information, for masters certified divers or beginners. If you like to explore the underwater world without scuba gear or learn how to dive, snorkeling is for you. Accompanied with an instructor or a Dive master guide, you may experience a snorkeling safari by boat around the island. Many things to do, just pick the day and the choice is yours!



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