Autumn Reminiscence

You are smiling in your thoughts, when the beautiful brunette lady with the blue hat asks you to lift the back of your seat. Welcome to Santorini …

Autumn Reminiscence

The island in autumn becomes wild and is getting ready for its greatest enemy; the winter. Walking down the small whitewashed alleys, you’ll hear less good morning-wishes day by day, in the bakeries you’ ll find little enticing pastries, and at the same time, cute cats and dogs on the streets will be looking for the caress of a kind tourist.

This is exactly the moment when you can truly experience the island’s magic. Days get smaller but the colors are still here-intense and vivid. The volcano’s vibes make you feel its well hidden ecstasy. It screams and you are sitting on the rock while you are waiting to listen to that ‘click’ of the camera. You know that your photo will fascinate people around you. It is indeed a seductive landscape and your feelings can be reflected in just 2GB.

Days go on and the last light of the caldera gradually weakens. Now the windows are tightly shut and the place is patiently waiting for the sunny spring days to come. When tunes and sounds are swirling in your ears. When everything is alive …

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