Wedding in Andronis…

All Greek islands hold a special beauty, but Santorini’s magic feeling is one of the most unusual in the Cyclades. Exquisite natural scenes, huge cliffs, a sleeping volcano, local wines and breathtaking views of caldera all constitute the ideal place for a dreamy holiday.

Santorini is considered the number one destination for weddings. This island offers majestic views from any spot, a golden sunset and a mystic sleeping volcano, which brings out the romance in every person.

This magnificent and stunning scenery is home to  a large choice of venues, another reason why Santorini has become a favourite wedding & honeymoon destination. Experience your dream Santorini wedding on the most photographed island of the Mediterranean. Follow your heart at Santorini and make your honeymoon dream come true in Santorini.

Here, your wedding will be remembered in the natural and mysterious beauty of Santorini, your guests watching the magnificent sunset, the purple and white colours of the houses creating  a unique setting for the perfect wedding ceremony.

Oia and Fira are the most popular places for couples who choose to have their wedding ceremony in Santorini. Oia is first on the list, as it is more romantic and definitely quieter than Fira. Marriages in these places are always impressive as they are surrounded by majestic cliffs.

It is certain that you want the ceremony to be absolutely perfect and everything well-designed for your guests. Andronis Exclusive is prized as the most Romantic Hotel in Europe and 7th in the world. There, they can organise the entire event and will ensure you have a unique experience. Andronis Exclusive Santorini’s luxury boutique hotels caters to every couple and ensures every detail is perfect leaving you to enjoy your dreamy wedding.

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