Easter in Santorini


The Easter season in Santorini is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year and the Holy Week is an unforgettable experience for everyone.

The caldera is filled with daisies, flowering herbs and spring aromas are everywhere. The locals fasting, attending the church services while women decorate their houses and make all the traditional delicacies. On Maundy Thursday, housewives make the Easter brioche (tsoureki), melitinia cookies and dye eggs red as it symbolizes the blood of Christ.

Good Friday is the day of Epitaph, mourning and strict fasting. Under a solemn atmosphere, a procession starts from each church carrying the Epitaph, people singing a religious lament hymn, holding candles. At the mountain-top village of Pyrgos is the most breathtaking of all. No less than 25.000 candles are lit on the rooftops and the cobblestone streets and make the village flickering in the darkness.

On  Saturday, the Holy Resurrection is celebrated with spectacular fireworks over the villages and bells ringing gloriously all around the island, while people walk back home with the holy candle light, to have the traditional Easter meat soup which marks the end of their fasting.

Early in the morning of Easter Sunday, preparations start in many households for the roast lamp and the festive lunch. At Perissa, the locals hang an effigy of Judas and shoot at it until in burns, while at Pyrgos the ‘trial of Judas’ takes place, after which his effigy is burnt.  We and our guests are happy to experience memorable and touching moments of spiritual serenity and reverence in Santorini.

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