Best beaches in Santorini

Best beaches in Santorini

Who has ever visited Santorini Island and not fallen in love with it? Watching the view from its caldera, you can see cliffs gazing at the blue sea and the sky hugging the beautiful landscape harmonically. Santorini is an attraction by itself and offers great opportunities for all kinds of holidays.
The extreme beauty of the Island is characterized by the volcanic activity that plays a role in many activities in Santorini. Why not try sailing in the picturesque caldera in deep blue waters where it is said the city of Atlantis once was.

Beaches in Santorini look different compared to the sandy beaches of the Cyclades, but they have a unique  beauty of their own due to their many different colours. Visit the red beach (kokkini), which offers a spectacular view from its top. Kokkini in Greek means red and on this beach everything is a stunning crimson colour. Brick red pebbles, scarlet cliffs, and even sunburned tourists, make for a striking impression. The waters, on the other hand, are crystal clear. The black beach in Kamares is a must-see, and from it you can also  reach a white beach by boat! Other popular beaches are Perissa and Kamari beach. You can rent sunbeds in Kamari beach or you can try water sports there such as diving and snorkelling.
Visit the best beaches in Santorini and share your experience with us!

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