Romance is everywhere…

You may not feel it every single moment of the day, but romance is always around to remind you of something from your past; innocence and happiness, laughter and tears, mostly good moments that you will always remember.

Today’s world is a continuous routine, which together with the hectic pace of life has transformed people to an insensitive crowd. On the other hand, feelings dominate on everybody’s souls, who is wondering why people have became so cold to each other? This can absolutely change if you start to believe in romance and let yourself express your real feelings without any hesitations or fear.

People have to change the way they see things. Here, in Andronis Exclusive we see romance everywhere; in our everyday life and all around us every single moment of the day; we feel it in the air; we can see it on happy faces while they’re soaking up that all important sun or admiring the stunning caldera’s view. Romance prevails not only in the sight of happy newlywed couples, but also among people who enjoy every moment like there’s no tomorrow. Feelings of happiness and joy are mirrored in people’s eyes.

Romance can be expressed in little and everyday things; is so simple and can be expressed with a smile, a well-promising glance, a flower, a hug or just an affectionate touch. Our thoughts are usually too complicated and people keep thinking about fancy things in order to impress their significant other.

The difficult part of romance is how to show it simply and spontaneously. Introducing romance in your daily life will offer more strength; positive thinking and a new perspective of life.

Andronis Exclusive envisages a world with more romance that will help couples enjoy every moment and look at things in a positive way. Feast your eyes on the breath-taking night views of Santorini’s caldera that will make you fall in love with the …moment, and leave the island with these feelings that are sure to keep your heart warm all year long.

Express your own kind of romance..

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