The #AndronisExperience through the eyes of Faten Odeh

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Leaving back the Ultimate Easter Escape

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Spend the Day at our New Infinity Pool

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Dégustation Menu and Wine Tasting

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Find your inner balance at the veranda of Mare Sanus Spa

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The #AndronisExperience through the eyes of Faten Odeh

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A big-hearted thank you to Faten Odeh for sharing her #AndronisExperience from Andronis Luxury Suites!



If I could begin to describe this hotel, my words would still be lacking. Let some of my photographs above try and do it justice. The Andronis Luxury Suites by far exceeded any expectation I had for our stay in Santorini. It was located in the heart of Oia, nestled between the cliff sides of the caldera. It offered stunning views of the classic, archetypal white and blue buildings that Santorini is world renown for. The location was so convenient, it lay at the beginning of Oia’s pedestrian walkway. It’s also in close proximity to Ammoudi’s Bay, one of Santorini’s precious gems.

We stayed in the Deluxe Suite with an indoor jacuzzi, an alternative Louisa gave us instead of the private infinity pool I requested. Our room was conveniently located right next door to the hotel’s infinity pool, as well as right beneath Lycabettus Restaurant,  the hotel’s grandeur dining area. We made dinner reservations there that first night we arrived, on the small little cliff that only holds 7 tables. It was such a magical experience.


  1. Santorini is comprised of two main areas, Oia and Fira. Fira is the larger, more densely populated town, while Oia is the beautiful tourist-ridden town. My recommendation would be to stay in Oia, especially if you’re looking for that picturesque Santorini that’s all over the internet. There are some locals that still reside in Oia, however many of the properties have been bought out by resorts.
  2. For all my hijab-wearing readers, this tip is for you. Don’t book a room with a private pool. Privacy simply doesn’t exist. Because of the bean shape of the caldera, all the beautiful houses and resorts are scattered across the cliffside. It’s very difficult to find a room situated in the proper place that holds a completely private pool. I was initially seeking a room with a pool until Louisa explained to me the topography of the area and how impossible it is to have privacy. I would however recommend the private hot tub instead.
  3. Rent an ATV to get around. Cabs in Oia are scarce. My one small tip would be to test drive it in the daytime first. Santorini has no traffic laws and people can go a little nuts with their driving. The island is also very hilly. It’s easier to get a feel for the roads when you’re driving an ATV in the daytime opposed to the evening.
  4. Go before peak season begins because the crowds can get a little crazy, especially around sunset. High season for visiting Santorini is during July and August. However, the official operating season in Oia begins April 1st. Try and go sometime between April and July to avoid large crowds. The bougainvillea also bloom during the springtime, and a visit to Greece is incomplete without spotting this elegant flower framing the entryways. The contrast between the colors of the bougainvillea and the white washed walls of the houses is remarkable.
  5. Always make a reservation before heading out to lunch or dinner. Make sure you call the restaurant in advance and find out if they have seating available. This would apply to Mykonos restaurants as well. Many of the popular dining areas get booked very quickly, especially during peak season. Rashad and I headed out to dinner on numerous occasions and were unable to get a table. We’d end up having to make a reservation then and come back later.
  6. Make sure to pick up a hat from one of the street vendors. Not only are they adorable, but they really do help shield you from the sun.
  7. The Greeks are so friendly and hospitable so making conversation with the locals is so important. They love talking about their country and informing you of some of the best stuff to do in the area. Some of them even went out of their way to do favors for us.
  8. Make sure you bring comfortable shoes. Whether you’re staying in Oia or Fira (especially Oia) you’ll be doing a lot of walking and climbing a lot of steps. Just leaving our room alone required us to walk 5 flights of stairs.
  9. One last tip for my hijab-wearing readers, bring loose trousers with you. The sun is very strong and it reflects off of the white buildings which makes it even hotter. It can be very blinding without sunglasses. Bringing loose clothing helps make the heat more bearable.


  1. Trek down the 230 steps to Ammoudi’s Bay. If you get tired on your way back, donkeys are situated at the bottom of the stairs. You can ride them back up instead of walking.
  2. Private/Semi-Private Catamaran Cruise! Sail into the Aegean Sea and watch the sunset while taking in the scenery. You can take a dip in the water and even enjoy freshly bbq’d seafood on deck.
  3. Explore the hidden gems and side alleys of Oia.
  4. Take a trip to Fira and explore the town.
  5. When in Greece, try a fish pedicure! If you’re very ticklish you may want to skip this one. (Cough cough, Rashad!)
  6. Watch the sunset from Oia’s rooftops.
  7. For honeymooners, you should definitely book a photoshoot session with a professional photographer. This experience was one of the highlights of our trip.


  1. You absolutely MUST have a freddo cappuccino. And not just once. Every single day. You’ll thank me later.
  2. Try the different types of seafood throughout the island. Some of the unique fish we had were scorpion fish and mullet fish. After we finished our scorpion fish, the chef came out and told us to eat the cheeks of the fish. It turned out to be the most delicious part.
  3. White eggplants are a rare vegetable that call Santorini’s soil home. They tend to be sweet, so try having them in a dessert.
  4. The tomatoes growing on the island have a very strong, rich flavor, unlike tomatoes anywhere else. Try a dish with some fresh tomato sauce.
  5. Santorini’s fava bean is world famous. It has a unique flavor similar to that of red lentils.


I hope this was a helpful guide for any of you planning a trip to Santorini. I tried to touch upon all the questions I received and I hope this piece serves you all well. If you have any more questions, feel free to comment them below."

Leaving back the Ultimate Easter Escape

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Santorini is a magnificent place and especially during Easter seductively unveils its hidden secrets. Whether you are in the mood of exploring Easter traditions or just of viewing the locals celebrate the Holy week (the week before Easter), Santorini always offers you an original and unforgettable experience.  

The Holy week on the island was full of smells and flavors. The ladies prepared the local delicacies for Easter such as Tsourekia (a type of brioche), special Easter cookies, as well as melitinia (the most famous sweet pastries during these days) that filled the air with mouth-watering smells.

Each day of the holy week was ideal to enter a church and relax. Even if you didn’t understand the words there was a certain feeling of peace and tranquility that surrounded you.

The Good Friday in Santorini has been synonymous to the village of Pyrgos, due to the unique way of the Epitafios celebration (the funeral bier paraded in a somber march), an event that made the village internationally known. The villager’s preparations were consisting of lighting up thousands of aluminum cans, stuffed with flammable materials and placing them on every house, every roof top, every church, every path, on the entire village even on the Venetian castle, creating an unforgettable atmosphere. It was a truly magical sight, just unforgettable.

On Good Saturday evening, the monastery of Prophet Elias at the highest point of the island was magnificent. The view was breathtaking and everyone enjoyed an impressive spectacle of fireworks that illuminate the starry sky of Santorini. Every year, most people bring a candle along, and according to tradition, they light it up from the Holy Flame, and try to keep it lit for as long as they can.

On Easter Sunday, flowers blossomed in every garden and the cobbled streets were overcrowded as whole lambs were roasted over fire pits for several hours, before being taken home for the family feast.

Every year the visitors are fascinated by the devoutness and the dedication of Santorinians, no matter how religious they are! With no second thought, it is an experience not to be missed.

Spend the Day at our New Infinity Pool

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No doubt about it, there is nowhere quite like Santorini for unique experiences: not for nothing is this beautiful island known across the world for its wealth of activities and places to visit. And Alta Mare by Andronis is taking your idyllic holidays a step further, a step closer to the Aegean Sea.

Whether you decide to enjoy a relaxing walk in the picturesque streets of Oia or take a more intensive approach to the island’s attractions, there will always be space in a romantic getaway for a day’s rest. And when that day comes, this small luxury boutique hotel’s brand new infinity pool will be ready and waiting. At Alta Mare, we have prepared the perfect atmosphere for mesmerizing moments and total relaxation.

As well as a variety of different services, you can now add the infinity pool to your holiday’s schedule; Alta Mare has made sure to take care of everything. Just one step out of your romantic suite, you can lay down and relax, cooling in the clear water as you take in the wonder of Aegean Sea. Let your mind swim through the Aegean’s shimmering blue waters, without ever straying more than a step away from all the full services of this small luxury boutique hotel and the comfort of our romantic suites. Let yourself be overwhelmed, as if by the gently lapping waves of the Aegean and extend your horizon to include the deep blue gaze and the warm, welcoming sunshine of the Santorini summer.

So, armed with your favourite book and your most worry-free mood, take a dip and drink in the breathtaking views and peaceful environment that Alta Mare has prepared for your romantic vacations. While your luxury romantic suites wait for you, you can enjoy fresh cocktails served by our expert staff, and reflect on your freshly made memories of the island, not to mention planning your next day with the near infinite options on offer at the Alta Mare.

Dégustation Menu and Wine Tasting

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The magical and charming beauty of Santorini captivates its visitors’ hearts from the moment they step on the island. A stay in Santorini can be marked by many different unique experiences waiting to be discovered… and many more flavours waiting to be tasted. All blends of colors and savors can be presented to you at the Best fine dining restaurant in Santorini, Lycabettus Restaurant.

Lycabettus’ dégustation menu consists of genuinely inspired dishes. The exclusive chef unfolds a whole new world offering the perfect combination of fresh Mediterranean tastes with mastery and creativity, served to you while you gaze at the perfection of the surrounding landscape. Located on the cliff of the Caldera, it is the ideal spot to admire the sunset and the infinite blue along with a glass of wine chosen from an extensive list of the restaurant’s recommendations. Lycabettus’ experienced staff have all the knowledge to guide you through a marvelous Wine Tasting experience.

Filled with handmade and original dishes, this specially tailored menu features gourmet versions of fresh vegetables, seafood, fish, meat and surprises such as ice cream in a main plate and eggplant in a desert – which gives you an idea of the originality of the dishes. Just what you needed for that final piece of your dream holiday puzzle.

After a day’s wandering around the mystic island’s corners, the combination of masterly catered dishes with the deep red colours left behind by the sunset (accompanied by one’s drink of choice) provides the perfect epilogue to a fascinating day spent experiencing the island.

Find your inner balance at the veranda of Mare Sanus Spa

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The volcanic energy and the astonishing surroundings of Santorini inspire a wholesome desire for self-indulgence and caring. After a long day enjoying the warm sun of a Santorini summer, it is more than possible that your body will appreciate a special idyllic massage. Without ever needing to tear yourself away from the island’s magnificent views and energy, in Andronis Luxury Suites, there are exclusive massage sessions. By the side of the infinity pool, just before the sun comes down you can let your body be taken care of by the hands of two professional masseurs for a guaranteed moment of full relaxation.

The almond oil combined with essential oils used during the exclusive massage nourish the skin and leave an incredible sense of smoothness and softness. Almond oil contains Vitamin E which, among other beneficial elements for the skin’s health, is also responsible for deep cleaning of the skin. Its antioxidant elements protect the skin from UV radiation damage, reduce the fine lines that come from exposure to the sun, and contribute to a full muscle relaxation.  

And best of all you can enjoy this romantic experience gazing the starry night sky and silver moon while listening to the natural sound of sea waves. With this exclusive spa massage, you can count on enjoying an inner state of completeness and relaxation.

The essential oils used prevent the body from dehydration, revitalizing your energy and clearing the mind. The open-air massage lets the energetic touch of the island immerse the body and reach the soul to restore the inner balance with yourself.