The 7+1 photos you need to take in Santorini!


Santorini’s history includes natural disasters, violent eruptions, legendary civilizations, colourful artifacts, pirate ships, religious fairs and romantic escapes. It’s the best and worst of times that shaped this popular Greek island into what it is today. Continue reading

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Andronis: The Hashtag Social Media Revolution

Share your Andronis Experience

Share your Andronis Experience

Part of the fun of holidays is meeting new people! Whether it is family getaways, where kids play together and parents enjoy evenings out, couples with shared interests or friends of friends, a lot of fun on holidays derives from meeting new people. Continue reading

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Santorini: A true melting pot

Santorini: A true Melting Pot

Santorini: A true Melting Pot

The beauty of Santorini is undisputed throughout the world. Its famous sunset view from the breath-taking caldera transcends the definition of romantic and represents nature’s divine abilities. And although everybody visits for the view, they end up loving Santorini for all its offerings ands sights, rather that just the Sunset! The picturesque villages, the exquisite wine, the long history, the fresh food, the amazing landscape, the colorful beaches, all aspects that draw people to this small Aegean island, from every far corner of the world! Continue reading

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White and Blue Indulgence

whiteandbluesantoriniIs it the celeste sky or the surrounding vast Aegean Sea, the reason why Santorini wears the crown of the top Cycladic destination? Well, people would most probably give their own explanation on this. However, those you are looking for the ultimate Greek island experience this summer should definitely consider a trip to the volcanic island of Santorini. Continue reading

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Adrenaline Rush in Santorini

Apart from unique beauty and the utterly amorous moments its lunar-landscaped setting offers, Santorini is a destination for a wide range of visitors. If you are on your way to you romantic escape, then you already know what to expect. But if you travel with a mood to explore this multifaceted island, then your adrenaline is definitely going to hit the top, as activities vary.

water-sports-santoriniSo here’s our hint to be prepared. Continue reading

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Santorini’s History & Attractions

attractions-historyThanks to its imposing volcano right in the middle of the sea, Santorini is one of the most scenic and beautiful holiday destinations around the world. However, apart from natural beauty, Santorini also boasts a wide range of archaeological sites telling the story of this unique island. Continue reading

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Luxury by the pool

Suite-PoolFeaturing a typical Cycladic architecture, all suites at Andronis Boutique Hotel offer a sumptuous ambiance to enjoy utterly luxurious and romantic moments in Santorini. What’s more, all of them boast a magnificent view to the Aegean Sea for a unique sense of freedom. Continue reading

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Culinary delights of Santorini


Volcanic Santorini is an island of rugged and unique beauty; however its greenery and vegetation are not particularly in the front line. But, who would have imagined that the volcano being the cause of its creation, would have also benefited the island of Santorini with a very special range of local products and wines, thanks to its special ground composition. Continue reading

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Wine-up in Santorini

santorini-wine-tours-slideApart from its rugged beauty and stunning sea view, the island of Santorini is also included in the top destinations for wine tourism worldwide, as it is home to some of the oldest vineyards in Europe.

Continue reading

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Best Day Tours in Santorini

One Day Tour in Santorini

One Day Tour in Santorini

The queen of the Aegean Island is filled with possibilities. Apart from that all amazing views over the vastness of the Aegean Sea and the rugged cliffs of Caldera, visitors can experience unique moments in Santorini. Continue reading

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